Poverty Videos & Playlists

Must Watch Videos

These must watch videos can be impactful in jumpstarting your understanding of poverty, its types and root causes, as well as proven approaches to creating resilience for children and families struggling in the crisis of poverty.

What is Poverty

This short film explores the depth of what causes poverty and how Tearfund believes of we can continue turning the tide of injustice.

Barnes and... A Conversation with Dr. Donna Beegle

Dr. Donna Beegle, President and Founder of Communication Across Barriers shares her research and life experience about poverty in America. Dr. Beegle, a product of generational poverty, talks about the stereotypes, the causes, and impact of poverty and the importance of educating others and understanding the issue.

Dr. Ruby Payne's Bridges Out of Poverty Overview

A variety of Bridges Out of Poverty users describe the successes and results experienced from this community sustainability work.

A Portrait of Poverty in America

From the Wall Street Journal, this video illustrates how many families in Tchula, Miss., struggle to make ends meet with a patchwork of jobs and high-interest loans. Community leaders and the town's only bank try to help, but the cycle of despair isn't easily broken.

A small collection of videos of Dr. Donna Beegle sharing her experiences in generational poverty, her research and the work of her organization.

Check out informative videos, chats with founder Dr. Ruby Payne, webinars and conference sessions.

This playlist is a list of videos that help build understanding of poverty and the history of how it is measured, types of poverty and approaching to serving families to create resilience. It includes videos of varying lengths, news segments, presentations and short documentaries.