Trauma 101: A Case for a Trauma-informed Approach

Taking your self-guided journey

View each slideshow and follow along with the full content and debrief questions in your study guide.

Use the buttons under each module slideshow to access additional resources for the content of each module.

Download and print the Trauma101 Study Guide for either Parents/Caregivers or Professionals to keep notes and plan to incorporate learning.

Test your knowledge and understanding to determine if you need additional capacity building.

Trauma 101 Workbook - Parents & Caregivers.pdf

Already knowledgeable about the basics of trauma? Visit this page to find additional training on specific topics to build your capacity to address trauma and provide trauma-informed care.

6. Trauma Informed Checklist.pdf

Trauma-informed/competent Check List

Although you can’t get to the level of trauma informed or competent by putting X’s on a checklist, a checklist can serve as a guide to help you identify challenge areas and focus your capacity building. The checklist provided helps you assess some of the needed skills sets so that you can focus your energy on learning and capacity building.

Use the organizational section to determine what additional capacity building your leadership, staff and volunteers may need.