Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain

In our next module: Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain: Fight, Flight and Freeze Mode, we will discuss survival mode and how it impacts behavior

Don't forget to download/print the Trauma 101 Study Guide for Parents/Caregivers or Professionals. You can follow along on page 13 - 16.

Key Concept from Module IV :

Survival mode shows itself typically in one of three ways: fight, flight or freeze. You can see on the graphic some of the typical behaviors associated with each. 

It’s important to recognize this and to get in the habit of getting curious about behavior and what is driving it. If we can meet these behaviors with compassion and disarm the fear or “the need to protect survival” they represent, we can help build skills in children that increase their ability to self-regulate and appropriately manage their behavior. For deeper understanding, check out the video 

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